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Energy. Spain.


Title of the project: DRS-12 “smart grid” protection and resilience under “smart meters” threats

Description of the project: The National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA) is a public research establishment attached to the Spanish Ministry of Defence.

The Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Area of the Equipment and System Department, has more than 40 years of experience carrying Electromagnetic Effects testing at equipment, subsystem and system level, including EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), HIRF (High Intensity Radiated Fields), HERO (Hazards of electromagnetic radiation to ordnance), LS (Lightning Strike Indirect Effects), ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), etc. This experience has provided a general background of interference phenomena and how electronic equipments could be interfered and also protected. In relation with regulatory framework and EU standards, the EMC Area is member of civilian international standardization and regulatory groups.

The Detectability and Electronic Warfare Laboratory (DEWLab) - Electronic Technologies and Radiofrequency Department - has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Computational Electromagnetics for aerospace applications. In particular, the DEWLab has worked intensively on CAD modelling and meshing and the development and use of software tools for radar cross section calculation. It also uses a wide range of commercial electromagnetic software tools based on rigorous and asymptotic methods (FASCRO-PO-PTD, HFSS-FEM, EMA3d-FDTD,…) for solving electromagnetic problems (Radiation, Scattering, EMC,…).


Manuel Añón – EMC area (agnoncm@inta.es)

David Poyatos – Detectability laboratory (poyatosmd@inta.es)

Publicado por europa en mayo 7, 2015