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Energy. Sweden.

Title: “Increased Energy Efficiency for Residential and Public buildings”

Description of the project/Partner sought: The EU housing sector represent about 40% of EU energy consumption. Lowering the energy costs for households while increasing in-house comfort will not only help to achieve EU environmental objectives, but will also benefit EU economy and contribute to social well-being. Breakthrough solutions are required to reduce energy consumption in buildings (e.g. in space heating/cooling and domestic hot water production, maximising the envelope performances, heat recovery and local use of renewables).

Based on previous experience and in combination with results from other EU-projects, Suxini aims to initiate a project for new methods in design and construction of new Residential and Public buildings.

The project expects to bring new products and new methods providing more energy efficient buildings at affordable costs to the market.

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E-mail: contact@suxini.eu

Publicado por europa en diciembre 20, 2016