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Topic: Waste: A resource to recycle, reuse and recover raw materials. WASTE-6A-2015. Eco-innovative solutions

Description: The project aims to develop a new device that will convert existing waste containers into “smart” bins that will use a dedicated wireless IP network for exchange data about material collection. The new bin will monitor the weight of each container and will send "full" condition alarm to the central waste collection management, in order to optimize the path of the trucks used for picking up the garbage. Each end user will know the state of its waste container by means of a dedicated smartphone app, that will also allow requests for maintenance or complaints.

Partner Sought:

  • European partners (Companies, universities, R&D institutions) experienced in software, mechanical and electronic development.
  • Waste collection companies are sought for end user roles and cooperation on functional specifications development and check.

Call Deadline: 21-04-2015

Contact: David López
Phone Number +34 981 337 146
Email david.lopez.gutierrez@xunta.es

Publicado por europa en diciembre 10, 2014