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Innovative solutions for reducing the consumption of oil in machine tool chain

Topic: H2020-SC5-12b-2015: Materials under extreme conditions

Description: The project will develop innovative solutions to enhance the sustainable development of the manufacturing sector through mechanical interventions aimed at reducing the consumption of critical raw material such as coolant and lubricant oils in the machine tool industry, which are also expensive in terms of environmental disposing.

Partner Sought:

  • Aerospace industry, (e.g. manufacturing of titanium alloy component) who will act as developers and end users
  • Oil&Gas industry for the production of parts, (eg. submarine pipelines) and as end users
  • Research centre to develop the research activities foreseen by the topic

Call deadline: 21-04-2015

Contact Person: David López
Phone Number: +34 981 337 146
Email: david.lopez.gutierrez@xunta.es

Publicado por europa en diciembre 10, 2014