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Environment. Ireland.

Environment. Ireland.

Title: “Operationalising insurance value of ecosystems"

Description of the Project:

The School of Natural Sciences at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland encompasses biological sciences, geosciences and human societal sciences, and is a key driver of TCD’s Smart and Sustainable Planet research theme. As a single node of a consortium we can deliver top quality inter- and trans-disciplinary research. Our research aims to understand earth’s natural capital of biological and physical systems, how they contribute to human wellbeing, and how to utilize and manage these systems sustainably, from local to global scales. We have extensive experience with EU funded projects. Our PIs have experience with national and international funding including FP7, Marie-Curie, Interreg and H2020.

In the School of Natural Sciences at TCD we have very strong research profiles, which would contribute significantly to the call topic:

•           We have skills in predicting the resistance and resilience of ecosystems to disturbances, and in natural hazards through the assessment of susceptibility and disaster risk reduction.

•           The School of Natural Sciences encompasses biological and geoscientists, as well as human geographers. We have a strong track record in trans-disciplinary research, and engagement with a wide variety of stakeholders.

•           Our research encompasses the resilience of socio-ecological systems, and inclusive social protection and insurance systems; as well as seeking to understand the drivers and consequences of ecosystem service loss, and developing methods for the sustainable delivery of ecosystem services.

•           We can offer environmental decision making using structured methods, and can provide the evidence base for methodologies to increase the insurance capacity of geophysical and biological ecosystems.

•           In order to enhance natural capital, it needs to first be measured and we have extensive experience in the valuation of natural capital.

Partner sought:

Partners can participate in the same way that we already are. For example:

•  Prof. Yvonne Buckley – Environmental decision making. Marie Curie fellow, >€750,000 in competitive funding since 2014. Researcher ID: B-1281-2008

•  Prof. Jane Stout – Valuation of natural capital. €1.8 million in research funds as PI. Researcher ID: B-1631-2010

•  Dr. Ian Donohue – Ecosystem resilience. > €2 million in research funds as PI. Researcher ID: A-7270-2010

•  Dr. Mary Bourke – Disaster risk reduction. > €2 million in research funds as PI. Researcher ID: I-4387-2012

•  Dr Susan Murphy – Climate Justice. > €100,000 in research funds as PI. Researcher ID: N-4611-2015


Dr. Emma Siddall

Trinity College Dublin

College Green



Homepage: http://naturalscience.tcd.ie/

Email: emma.siddall@tcd.ie

Publicado por europa en marzo 8, 2016