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Environment. Italy.

Environment. Italy.

Title: “Looking for partners for a Life project: Company in the manufacturing of biopolymers”

Description of the project: The scope of the project is to develop a bio-based and a biodegradable Poly lactic acid (PLA) with good barrier properties against oxygen and moisture to manufacture the one-way degassing valves for coffee packaging.

Additional scopes of the project are:

(i) the definition of a simplified and fully automatized production process for valves manufacturing;

(ii) high versatility of valves in the joining process with bags of different polymeric materials;

(iii) reliable alternative end-of-life options for valves disposal.

Partner sought: Company in the manufacturing of biopolymers, will be involved in the manufacturing of PLA compounds at a pre-industrial scale.




Publicado por europa en septiembre 7, 2016