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Erasmus+. Croatia

Inicijativa.biz was founded 16 years ago with the aim to offer a different English course in Zagreb. Since then, the school has successfully been run in two locations: Zagreb and Split. Their mission is to teach students English in the shortest possible time so they are ready for real-life situations and conversations with native speakers. The Callan Method originated in London, created by Robin Callan in 1959, thereby revolutionising the system of learning English. Today, there are over 200 Callan schools all over the world, and they are the only one of its kind in Croatia.

Description of the project: Spend 6 days in Zagreb, fully immersed in English with native speakers from England, Ireland, USA and Canada. Inicijativa.biz is inviting you to a conversational English communication course and to enjoy a week of fun, adventure, and stimulation in Croatia.

Objectives: Their approach utilizes a direct method and full immersion with native speakers.
✔️ Improve your pronunciation (every mistake will be corrected, instantly)
✔️ Speed up your reflexes in sentence construction, overcoming mental blocks when you need to speak
✔️ Improve your confidence quickly
✔️ Train your ear to understand different native speaking accents
✔️ Start enjoying your conversations

Contact: erasmus@inicijativa.biz

Deadline: Non specified

Publicado por europa en abril 29, 2021