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Erasmus+. Cyprus

Title: Stay offline

Description of the project: Digital education for youth is vital in order to tackle problems like internet addiction!

Youth hub is a group of young people based in Nicosia, Cyprus working in the field of youth mobility and participation.

They are the leader of this project, which aims on youth 16-25 who are mainly addicted on internet and want to stop this bad habit .

The theme of this project is internet influence on youth (addiction and dangers).During this youth exchange the participants will try to find out whether they are addicted to internet and what should they do to change this situation .

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Partner Sought: 1 more partners from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries

Deadline: 02/10/2019

Contact: Youth hub

E-mail: youthhub@europe.com


Publicado por europa en octubre 22, 2018