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Erasmus+. Finland.

Title: “Street Rock 2017”

Description of the project: 13-18 -year old international musicians play rock/pop music together in busy city environments and work for charity.

Street Rock 2017 is based on the pilot project that was done in the summer2015 inHelsinki. The idea is to collect two groups of 13-18 –year-old musicians who will play in Helsinki and in a partner country/city.

The foreign partner would host the Finnish group in June 2017 and in August 2017 the Finns will host a music camp for the foreign partner.

The participants in both countries will meet each other, get to know each other and each other’s cultures by playing together for a bit over a week and collecting money for charity. The charity will be chosen by the teams. They will play in different busy spots in city centers and see a lot of people. The hosts will be spending time with the guests in the housing place, eating, traveling, seeing sights and just hanging out in the city.

The theme for the exchange is "helping people", meaning the kids would discuss deeply why help is important, to whom help is targeted and what could be the results. Youth Pass is a part of the program. In practise, the help could be like playing in senior centers, hospitals, refugee centers, playing on streets earning money for charity.

Our ideal partner is who

- is located in A LARGE CITY IN EUROPE (not outside like Turkey) for being able to play in front of big crowds and in diverse places

- is willing to commit to the project 100% for two youth exchanges

- can find and lead a group (max 12) of 13-18 year old committed musicians as street band

- can accommodate the Finnish group in June 2017

- can travel to Finland in August 2017

- can find money for the project in co-operation with us (EU grants, national trustees, international youth project funds, etc.)

Possible partners could be youth centers, youth organizations, music schools or music related special youth projects.

The Finnish team (7 members now) is already in action:


Deadline: 30/11/2016


Helsinki Youth Department -OulunkyläYouthCenter

Matti Kärki

09 310 6 9726


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