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Erasmus+ Finland.

Description of the project:   Tourism sector trainee by countryside holiday and nature tourism enterprise "Lomakoti Käenkoski" in Parkan is looking for an international trainee to work and bring new ideas for our enterprise. The works consist in main part to cleaning and household tasks in weekends

Partner sought: If you are the trainee we are searching for you like also nature and moving in forest and by water (lake). Parkano where we area locating is a small and calm small town and soemtimes you'll stay also alone by the house. We organise, however, for you also trips to bigger towns and other activity. Parkano is also well connected to Tampere  (nearest big city) by train.

The enterprises are not able to pay wage so the training should be via Erasmus+ or other programs


Publicado por europa en febrero 14, 2018