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Erasmus+. France

Title: ExoLingo, a game-based vocabulary learning platform

Description of the Project:

A software developement lab based in France associated with a prestigious french speaking private high school in Istanbul/Turkey with students aged 14-17, is planning to start a project entitled ‘ExoLingo, a game-based vocabulary learning plateform’. ExoLingo is a game-based vocabulary learning platform with spaced-repetition using all four basic skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
ExoLingo is already working with more than 400 students and teachers who perform over 100 000 exercices a month on the platform to learn French, English and Italian. The website interface is available in french and english. Vocabulary content is available in more than 10 languages with an average of 750 words per languages gathered by topic.
ExoLingo helps students to memorize “frequent vocabulary” with spaced-repetition games which teach the target terminology using all four basic skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing. It allows teacher to check on student progress and create activity in the classroom.

The project aims to confirm their innovative education model in order to teach the most common languages including the 24 languages of the europeen union and to form a multilingual and easily accessible online education platform.
This project, in cooperation with the partner schools aims to develop ExoLingo in order to fit students and teachers needs.
Thus, they are looking for partners who would like to join them and cooperate with them over this newly formed project (KA201 in March 2020) to receive training, create awesome learning experiement, and provide feedbacks.

The project will take place from 2020-09-01 till 2022-08-31

Partner Sought: They intend to find 7 partner schools which teach foreign languages from A1 to B1 level.

Deadline: 19/03/2020

Contact: Elisée RECLUS

E-mail: e.reclus@k-pragmatik.com

Phone: +905380515986

Publicado por europa en febrero 13, 2020