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Erasmus+. France.

Title: “Developing new training approaches for people with mental disorders”

Description of the project: Vocational training centers often host learners with mental disorders which are not enough serious to be recognized as a mental disability but can still affect trainees’ ability to integrate a group of trainees and follow a training course. These problems can be very different: depression, addiction, concentration disorders, anxiety, phobias, and so on.

Sometimes, this kind of mental disorders can seriously hinder the outcome of the training and of course, the trainee’s professional development. Detecting and evaluating them can be very difficult, especially when the trainee refuses to recognize to have a problem or openly opposes the trainer. Some trainers do not have enough knowledge or experience to cope with these situations; therefore, they are not always able to offer the best assistance and support to this kind of public.

How to proceed then? Without transforming the trainer in a psychologist or psychiatric, the issue is to enhance collaborations with people/organisations working in the field of mental health in order to:

  1. Detect these problems
  2. Find out the proper way to approach the person in pain
  3. Build up a training path adapted to the person, shared with the trainee, while finding the best way to integrate him/her in the training group
  4. Guarantee them a qualitative follow-up
  5. Raise awareness among companies and help them to better host these people

This project could be implemented in the framework of a European consortium made up of partners who deal with the same issue, in order to share experiences, approaches and find out innovative solutions.

Partner sought: Vocational training centers, education centers, private/public organisations or services working in the field of mental health, research institutions...


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Publicado por europa en octubre 11, 2016