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Erasmus+. France.

Title: “Nature Academy for Youth”


Description of the project/Partner sought:NatureAcademy for Youth is created by ShallWe? for Summer 2018 and aims at raising environmental awareness among the young people with an experience of intercultural interaction through non-formal education and group activities.

The main themes of the project are Natural Awareness and Environmental Protection. The main goals of the project are;


•To create awareness on youngsters about environmental protection,

•To support participants for increasing their creativity, critical thinking, self-confident,

•To develop solutions as a group in local, regional and national levels for the nature

•To show the multicultural face of European Union,

•To promote Erasmus+ and its benefits to the youngsters.


For the activities of the project we are going to use non-formal education and group activities. During the project, we will have;


•Meetings about nature and environmental protection,

•Workshops on manual activities

•Outside nature-friendly activities

•Living a full day in an eco-village and trip inFrance,

•Energizers and team building activities,

•İntercultural learning evenings, presentation of the Youth in Action Program,

•Future planning, evaluation meetings and more…



ShallWe? Association


E-mail: jennifer@shallweassociation.com

Mobile: +33 630 475437

Mobile: +90 554 2695008

Mobile: +351 962 958 248

Website: http://www.shallweassociation.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shallweassociation/

E-mail: jennifer@shallweassociation.com

E-mail: umut@shallweassociation.com

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