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Erasmus+. Germany.

Title: “School prevention of Salafist attitudes”

Description of the project/Partner sought: The State Institute for School Development Stuttgart (“Landesinstitut für Schulentwicklung”) is currently working on a project on the prevention of Salafist indoctrination of students. The project is carried out in cooperation with the State Institute for Political Education (“Landeszentrale für politische Bildung”) and examines the question as to how educators can contribute to the prevention of antidemocratic views as well as attitudes of group-focused enmity. A council of experts from various backgrounds (e.g. scholars of Islamic Studies, extremist prevention experts etc.) takes also part in the project. In August2016 a handbook for teachers was published which gives an introduction to the complex field of school prevention of Salafist attitudes (available for download under www.ls-bw.de). The project team is currently collecting good-practice examples from schools and seeks to develop lesson units and study material so that students can analyze and discuss these topics in class (subjects: political science, history, religious studies, ethics/philosophy).

Our project aims at building a European network of institutions involved in the prevention of the development of Salafist attitudes among young people. Our approach is holistic and based on the concept of universal prevention, which focuses on creating an atmosphere of belonging for all, social and cultural inclusion, intercultural and interreligious learning, antiracist school development and a close cooperation between schools with other institutions in the community. Through a cross-European cooperation and an exchange of experience, expertise and good-practice examples the participating partners can learn from and inspire each other and gain a European perspective on the topic.

In the course of the project innovative prevention concepts for schools and support and care networks for school communities should be developed together.

Study material that allows the discussion of violent extremism with learners should be also developed as well as guidelines that help create a school climate that is inclusive and conducive to respectful dialogue, open discussion and critical thinking.


State Institute of School Development,Stuttgart



Publicado por europa en octubre 19, 2016