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Erasmus+. Greece.

Title: CIRI. Cooperation on Improvement of Refugees’ Integration.

Description of the project: Youth Center of Epirus aims to create a training course for organizations working with refugees/migrants/asylum seekers in order to design project ideas for refugee integration with help of Erasmus+ program.

Project objectives:

Workshop sessions on social work approaches and masures for refugees and workshop sessions on protection and good practices aiming to increase the quality and ethical approaches of integrational and social activities for refugees, improve the cooperation and regular experience exchange between different organizations of various countries that work with refugees by using the Erasmus+ program in order to raise the quality in social work and integration of refugees.

Partner sought:

Organizations that work with refugees and that can provide social workers, volunteers, animators, teachers for refugees. From 2 to 4 participants per organization. From Erasmus+ countries.




Maria Lentza



Publicado por europa en enero 29, 2018