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Erasmus+. Hungary.

Title: “Tradition/Culture (Drumming and Dancing)”

Description of the project/Partner sought: Dance isn't something that can be explained in words. It has to be danced... Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance for Change

HSMF Drumming and Dancing Camp is an amazing period of drumming, dancing, and singing that welcomes everybody who wants to learn and share their rhythm and spirit in a safe and supportive environment while learning the culture and traditions of ruralGhana. Whatever your skill level, there will be something for you! (With a cost).

There’s a lot to do at camp! * Drumming and Dance Workshops – Choose from many different workshops going on all day;

* Hiking – Walk the beautiful trails that weave through the land

* Showcase – Show off what you learned at camp or share your other talents with everybody at the talent showcase.

* Bonfires and Late Night Jams – Join in some of the late night jams for more drumming, singing, and dancing.

Teaching in our school and also helping build new classrooms.

Side Attraction: Participants will visit Tsatsadu Waterfalls, Wli Waterfalls – the highest waterfalls in West Africa and alsoMountAfajdato, exciting and historic places, etc.


Frank-Mills Akuffu



Skype: pisto5000

Publicado por europa en octubre 6, 2016