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Theme of the Project: "Inclusive sport"

Description of the project:

Cremona Municipality is looking for a project leader and partners in order to participate in the call of Proposals of small collaborative partnership.

The project they would like to be involved in, should focus on identifying and testing good practices in the organization of inclusive sport activities.

They would like to understand which are the best strategies that can increase the number of disabled people involved in sport activities and how to foster the participation of the volunteers to support the activities. In particular, it is considered interesting the theme of the creation of a better partnership among the schools and the clubs of integrated sport.

The participation to the project aims at:

  • supporting the enlargement and enhancement of the integrated sport activities in Cremona;
  • enlarging the network of contacts and partnerships of the local associations with foreign subjects;
  • enhancing Cremona's experience;
  • fostering the definition of good practices (also starting from local experiences) and the
  • implementation of training sessions for coaches of local teams;

The activities that they would like to develop are:

  • promotion of networks among the subjects belonging to different sectors (sport, education, youth activities) of the participant countries;
  • promotion, identification and sharing of good practices;
  • preparation, development and implementation of training modules and tools

Partner sought: Hey aim to find foreign partners with previous experiences in this sector that are interested in carrying out projects on this theme.

Deadline: 03/april/2016



Cremona Municipality

E-mail: europa@comune.cremona.it
Ufficio Progetti e Risorse - Comune di
Piazza del Comune 8
26100 Cremona - Italia
Tel: +39 (0)372-407787
Fax: +39 (0)372-407024


Publicado por europa en febrero 12, 2016