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Erasmus+ Italy

Title: Volunteering Project Italy

Description of the Project:

“Radio Network” is a long term project which will take place in Belluno (Italy) from summer 2019 to summer 2020. It aims at creating a positive working environment and atmosphere where the volunteer can develop his/herself and acquiring new skills and competences. The project will stimulate and encourage youngsters to be active citizens. During their service at Comitato d’Intesa, volunteers will have the opportunity to implement activities such as:
support the daily tasks and events of the hosting organization, working with different target groups, such as local community, young people and volunteers;
present the ESC and the ERASMUS+ programme, collaborating with the hosting organization, writing blog articles, which will be shared online on the official organization’s website, and on the official social network channels, as well as realizing specific videos which will be upload on the organization’s Youtube Channel called CSVlog Belluno;
writing an article about a new and different topic every week, searching information about it in different ways, which will be then shared on the website and social media of the association;
making a radio spot about a new and different topic every week, which can be either in English or in another language;
collaborating with local and European radio broadcasting channels, realizing different radio spots or programs, whose topic and aims will be subsequently decided together with the radio channels;
making videos or taking pictures that can be used to promote or to raise awareness about a new and different topic every week;
making interviews in the city about a new and different topic every week, conducting specific surveys, which can be useful material for the article or the radio spot.

Through its actions, the project wants to:
Promote volunteerism as an added value for the youth and for the society;
Raise the awareness towards the themes of solidarity and inclusion of young people with less opportunities, coming from rural areas;
Promote the sharing of best practices among the local and international volunteers;
Set the basis and foster the promotion of intercultural dialogue and non-formal education approach;
Enhance the quality of information exchange through the use of social media tools, outdoor activities and peer education activities;
Promote European values in order to foster social cohesion in the EU;
Promote the new ERASMUS+ programme.
Intercultural learning, non-formal education and learning by doing will ensure an intercultural dimension and a sufficient learning space for volunteers, where educational approaches are ensured with the support of the staff. During their project, volunteers are expected to acquire and develop new skills, competencies and attitudes. The project will help them in their personal growth and in getting to know a new culture too.

Expected learning outcomes
Through their service, volunteers will be able to improve and acquire:
skills to adapt methods, communications, activities in different formats and for different environments;
skills to project, implement and manage his/her own projects;
skills to work in an international team;
social skills and interpersonal communication;
knowledge of different methods of non-formal education like discussion moderator, energizers or team building;
knowledge of basic Italian language;
communication skills in English;
knowledge about Italian culture taking part in international project.

Partner Sought:

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Contact person: Laura

E-mail: europa@csvbelluno.it

General contact

Phone: 3200437641

Website: http://www.csvbelluno.it

Publicado por europa en noviembre 12, 2018