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Erasmus+. Italy

Title: Erasmus+ SPORT - Volley4EU – European network of volleyball clubs.

Description of the Project:

A.S.D. Phoenix is a female volleyball club funded in 2014. The mission of the A.S.D. Phoenix is “to use volleyball to engage with young people” and, rather than just focusing on playing volleyball the A.S.D. Phoenix enhances the development of young people by providing them with opportunities to learn and develop as individuals by engaging them in our societal and educations programme, which run alongside the sporting activities and with direct involvement and active participation of parents. Our overall aims is to create “champions for life” more than “elite athletes”, and for these reasons our approach is mainly based on educational and societal aspects of volleyball and sport in general in order:

- to promote the real values of sport (fair play, team-work, respect, etc.)

- to encourage healthy lifestyle of young people and to enhance their individual and skills development;

- to become EU active citizens and foster their active participation in society and public life.

They run a special program of artistic gymnastics for girls and a specific program for children called “relational and educational psychomotor” which is a spontaneous non-verbal and non-directive play activity that allows children to express themselves, to know their corporeity, to establish relationships with others in an imaginative and collaborative way through an intentionally designed path. The general objective is to support the development of the child through what are its specific growth tools: action, interaction and play.

Specific objectives of the project:
- to share experiences in education through sport;
- to raise awareness on potential of sport and its positive effects for personal development and wellbeing, empowerment and active participation in society life, especially for young people.

Duration of the project: 18 months.

Partner Sought: partners in all countries

Deadline: 22/02/2019


                Emiliano Crotti

 Email: emiliano.crotti@gmail.com

Phone: +393335820654

Publicado por europa en febrero 6, 2019