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Erasmus+. Italy

Title: Step by step

Description of the Project:

The organization "OPES Lombardia" located in Milan is the leader of this project, which aim is to foster participation in sport and physical activity among children, teenagers and young persons and to encourage the adoption of active lifestyle.

Duration of the project: 18/24 months.

Project’s activities will be focused on grassroots sport, specifically Fitwalking and Nordic walking as instruments to foster physical activity with no boundaries. As a matter of fact Fitwalking and Nordic walking can be considered as “Sport for all” because they do not require specific tools and/or money investments, they can be practiced everywhere (streets, parks, etc) and from everyone (for example disabled persons).

“Step by step” will involve educational institutes, schools, parents/families and the local community, thus physical activity will become an instrument for social inclusion and personal growth and it will help in developing a sense of community at local, national and European level.

Partner Sought:

Any organisation or public body, with its affiliated entities (if any), active in the field of sport, established in a Programme Country or in any Partner Country of the Erasmus+ Programme. Any other organisation active in the field of education, training or youth can be involved in the project too.

In particular they are looking for organizations/public bodies who can involve a large number of young beneficiaries.

Deadline: 28/02/2019

Contact: OPES Lombardia
Viale San Michele del Carso, 22
20144 - Milano
tel: +39-3491116567
e-mail: presidente@opeslombardia.it
web: www.opeslombardia.it

Publicado por europa en febrero 15, 2019