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Erasmus+. Italy

Title: Partnership building activity. “EVA - Empowerment through Volunteering Activities” - call for participants

Description of the Project:

Established at the end of 2001 in Palermo the Associazione InformaGiovani is the coordinating body of an informal European network of several organizations aimed to promote volunteering as a tool for social action.

 “EVA - Empowerment through Volunteering Activities” is a volunteering project aimed at stimulating youth participation in European democratic life through commitment to social voluntary initiatives. By combining voluntary activities, information and promotional activities and a training course addressed to future volunteers, the project aims at:

spreading culture of volunteering among young people
increasing awareness among young people, especially those with fewer opportunities, about the opportunities for personal or professional growth offered by international mobility and volunteering abroad
enhancing the role of NGOs in their interventions and support targeted at local community and weaker social categories.
In the frame of this project, Associazione InformaGiovani will implement a meeting among local, EU and extra-EU organisations with the aim to increase and consolidate long-term relationships of cooperation with volunteering organisations belonging to Partner or neighboring countries and to establish as well new partnership for future cooperation.

What can partners get from the PBA?
- Get to know other NGO’s potentially interested in future partnerships
- Get involved in this project by sending/hosting young people for volunteering projects vacancies during the years 2019-2020.

In Palermo, Italy 16-18 April 2019 (activity days)

Whoever wish to join the PBA meeting needs to fill the application form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe2D7eGojATyj2zN6tCkD2ChOOq9QTw1ogyG744MS16WbjVUw/viewform

Partner Sought:

Call for last 2 no-profit NGO’s among Partner Countries interested in joining an ALREADY APPROVED project on social volunteering and exchange of volunteers.

15 no-profit organizations among Programme and Partner Countries accredited and experienced as SO/HO for EVS projects within Erasmus+ and previous editions.
Due to the participation of young people with fewer opportunities (first and second generation young migrants, young offenders) in the volunteering activities, priorities will be given to organisations which have documented experiences in supporting foreign young people with such background.

Deadline: 08/04/2019

Contact: Sasha

E-mail: sasha@informa-giovani.net

Phone: +39.338.1728439

Fax: +39.091.3809987

Publicado por europa en abril 2, 2019