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Erasmus+. Italy.

Erasmus+. Italy.


Title: “Mine Vaganti NGO (MVNGO)”

Description of the project/Partner sought: Mine Vaganti NGO (MVNGO), is a no-profit association born inSardinia in 2009.

MVNGO has 4 offices inSassari, Uri, Olbia and Tempio Pausania covering all the North of Sardinia. MVNGO manages aYouthCenterinSassari.

Mission: MVNGO promotes intercultural dialogue, social inclusion through Sport and environmental protection using Non Formal Education. MVNGO is part of 3 international networks such as YEE, ISCA and MV International.

Services: MVNGO is an educational training provider at local and european level and has a consultant role for public and private bodies in order to promote and develop european and trans-continental projects.

Programmes: MVNGO works on Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, Europe for Citizens, Creative Europe, EuropeAid, EaSi, Life+, IEE, the United Nations programmes (UNDEF) and with foundations such as EYF, Anna Lindh and Open Society.

Hosting: MVNGO is accredited as hosting institutions in EVS (CODE: 2012-IT-13), Erasmus for Entrepreneurs, Erasmus Placement (through University of Sassari), Leonardo Da Vinci, Grundtvig Programme, Anna Lindh, National Belgium Funds, Azerbajani Foundation.

MVNGO is cooperating since 2011 with Università di Sassari.

Mine Vaganti NGO is the main coordinator of the "National Higher Education Consortium" (2014-1-IT02-KA103-003131), NHEI, for the following 3 years, being formally equalized to an HEI in the Erasmus+ Programme (www.heiconsortium.it).

The Consortium involves 9 italian Universities: Università degli Studi di Padova, Università Tor Vergata di Roma, Università degli Studi di Sassari, Università degli Studi della Basilicata, Università della Calabria, Accademia delle Belle Arti di Catanzaro, Università "Kore" di Enna and Università di Messina.

NHEI promotes vocational training targeted to future graduates and recent new graduates of 9 above listed Universities.


Mine Vaganti NGO (MVNGO)



Publicado por europa en septiembre 13, 2016