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ERASMUS + KA2. Italy

A no-profit Association from Florence (Italy) is looking for partners for a project proposal under ERASMUS+ Programme - KA2 - Strategic Partnerships–Education and Training sectors - Strategic Partnerships supporting exchange of good practices. The call for proposals is Call for Proposals 2016 — EAC/A04/2015. The deadline is 31/03/2016, 12pm. 
Project duration: 2 years. Project budget: 300.000 EUR. 

The project is a Strategic Partnership supporting exchange of good practices; its main goals are to develop and reinforce networks, to share and compare ideas, practices and methods in the theatre sector, with a particular attention on the acquisition and assessment of skills acquired in non-formal contexts. 

It is looking for partners such as: theatres, training institutions, schools, cultural and creative enterprises. 

For futher information, please, contact


Alexandra: alexandra@europrojectlab.com 
or Serena: serena@europrojectlab.com








Publicado por europa en febrero 3, 2016