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ERASMUS + KA2. Turquía.

Program: Erasmus + K2.

Description of the project: The initial starting point is to create a novel and more effective way of teaching management. For this end, the idea is to create video cases of real innovation and entrepreneurship stories of companies.

The Gediz University is thinking of applying for a 3 year project. They would like to bring together 3 video cases from 3 different countries in Europe. At the end of the project, they will end up having video format case studies of 9 companies (3 from each of the 3 European countries). The format of the video for each case will be in harmony with the teaching material supplement we will prepare as partners. 

Partner sought: 8 partners from 3 different European countries. 



Asst. Prof. Cenk Laçin Arıkan

Gediz University

E-mail: lacin.arikan@gediz.edu.tr


Publicado por europa en febrero 8, 2016