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Erasmus+. Lebanon.

Erasmus+. Lebanon.


Title of the Project: “Young Women's Christian Association- Beirut”


Description of the Project / Partner sought: Volunteers can support methods to promote foreign language under non-formal education.


YWCA Technical College offers activities that aim at the personal development of students; intercultural learning, youth empowerment and other life issues. Volunteers can take part in arranging for such activities in coordination with the administration and some school teachers. His/her role in this field is not to replace the academic staff, but to support them on applying new and interesting teaching methods to promote foreign language teaching under non-formal education.


The objectives of this project are:

1- To provide more opportunities for students and for the volunteer to improve their language skills.

2- To disseminate new tools adopted by non- formal education, following active learning strategies as a complimentary part of the learning process.

3- To allow exchange of skills and expertise between our local teachers and foreign volunteer.

4- To share their personal views, cultural activities about their families, values, history, traditional stories, lifestyle, music, clothing, foods… and to promote social awareness and creativity such as environmental issues, sports games, recreational activities…

Moreover, the volunteer may help in office work such as writing proposals for youth exchange programs or training, organizing events, suggest ideas about the use of social media…

Our EVS project is oriented to the students of the Technical College for a period of 3 to 6 months during the academic year (October- June.)

The profile of the volunteers will be related to the topic of the project and whether it matches their interest areas and expertise. It will be discussed and collaborated with the sending organizations who will be selecting their volunteers in recruiting a volunteer who have expertise in the field, proficient in English and/or French language and understanding a little Arabic is a plus.


- Age: 22 to 30 years. (Gender: preferable female)

- Background of essential educational skills

- Engagement days: From Monday till Friday, weekends and holidays off

- Engagement hours: up to 8 hours/day.

- To be independent in organizing their leisure time, be open minded about new culture and subcultures.

- Strong motivation and adaptability to the different situations.

- Flexibility, creativity, sense for responsibility and good communication skills.

- The volunteer is expected to inform the Hosting association before intending any personal visits, tours or wandering in Lebanon before getting the approval of the Association for safety purposes.




Women's Christian Association- Beirut


Rima Dinnawi

E-mail: ririma1@hotmail.com

Phone: 009613409401

E-mail: counselor@lebanonywca.org

Website: http://www.lebanonywca.org/beirut/index.php

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ywcabeirut/

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