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Erasmus+. Lithuania.

Title: “Create Your Critical Mindset”

Description of the project: Kaunas University of Technology Student Union which is working for students academic, social and professional well-being is organizing a youth exchange called "Create Your Critical Mindset". The project will take place in Lithuania. The exact date of the project to be confirmed. It will involve 30 participants from 6 countries.

The aim is to expand youths critical thinking capabilities and decision making based on it, Also, it seeks to encourage international mobility of youngsters and sharing intercultural experiences.

Partner sought: 5 more partners from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries

Deadline: 29/09/2017.


Jurgis Žukauskas

E-mail: jurgiszukauskas@gmail.com

Phone: +37065372510

Publicado por europa en septiembre 22, 2017