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Erasmus+. Poland

Title of the Project: INFOTECH schools (INFOTECH Programming Technical School, INFOTECH High School)

Description of the project: The goal of the PARTNERSHIP FOR DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION is to initiate, support and implement development initiatives to raise awareness and civic knowledge as well as to promote the principles of a democratic society and sustainable socio-economic development in the economic, social, educational, cultural, environmental, scientific and information areas.

Areas of activity: VET, IT, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, new technologies, innovative education, programming.

Partner Sought: They are looking for a Lead Partner from UE countries, who has experience in implementing the Erasmus Plus program.


Phone: +48 519 073 096

E-mail: projects@infotech.edu.pl

Deadline: 31/05/2021

Publicado por europa en marzo 24, 2021