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Erasmus+. Portugal.



Description of the project: Nazaré Vocational School (Escola Profissional da Nazaré - Portugal) would like to apply to the Erasmus + programme.

A mobility project for VET Learners is an added value for all organizations involved in this project because it will improve students’ performance. This learning process refers to “what” and “how” the students learn during traineeships. What the students know or need to know is shown through professional performance with quality.

This mobility project aims to:

  • Promote the increase of employability in the national and European job market through enriching Curriculum Vitae and enlarging contact networks;
  • Aid students to understand other cultures and countries, offering them the opportunity to create international contact networks so as to actively participate in society  and develop a spirit of European citizenship and identity; 
  • Support students in acquiring skills (knowledge, competence and attitudes) so as to improve their personal, social and professional development;
  • Support professional development of those who work in Tourism, Hotel Management, Event Organizations and Associations so as to innovate and improve quality of learning in training and citizenship;
  • Improve students’ skills regarding foreign languages;
  • Increase the power of attraction and international dimension of active organizations  related to Tourism, Hotels, Events, Sports and Social Service so that they may offer tailor-made activities and programmes inside and out of Europe;
  • Reinforce synergies and transition possibilities between formal education, traineeships, training, jobs and entrepreneurism through new partnerships with different organizations;
  • Guarantee recognition of acquired skills due to learning periods abroad, using the ECVET.
  • Give opportunities to needy students to see other cultures and meet other people;
  • Allow students to acquire linguistic and cultural knowledge to return to their country and create job/business opportunities, developing regional employability and entrepreneurism;
  • Allow the school to be renown in the region and nationwide, reinforcing young peoples’ mobility from other regions to Nazaré.

Partner sought: NazaréVocational School(EPNazaré) is searching for partners in different areas: Hotels, Tourism, Events Organization Companies, Sports and Community Associations.

They are looking for Hotels, Companies and Associations so as to place students in traineeships.

The main aim of these partnerships is for students to do academic traineeships under the Erasmus + Programme, key action 1 – Mobility Project for VET Learners.



Patrícia Calixto

Carla Medeiros

Address: Praça Pintor Mário Botas, nº7, 2450-284 Nazaré

E-Mail: uia@epnazare.eu

Telephone: + 03   262182107


Publicado por europa en noviembre 10, 2015