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Erasmus+. Portugal.

Erasmus+. Portugal.

Title: “Moving towards an inclusive Europe in its diversity"

Description of the Project / Partner sought: We are Dr.João Manuel da Costa Delgado public high school. Our school as around 600 students, ages between 15 and 18, and 80 teachers. We are located in the small town of Lourinhã, which is near the coast line and 75 Km away from Lisbon. We are also 15 km away from Peniche, European surf capital, and 40 km away from Narazé’s giant waves that gave McNamara the world record. As the only high school in the council, almost every one that lives in Lourinhã as someone studding at the school and, therefore, our school as a very strong tie with the community, especially among the younger population.

Following a very positive and rich full first experience, we are now applying to a second participation in such a project so that new students can also profit from the experience.

We are seeking for partners with a similar profile and that also believe in the importance of ERASMUS + project (KA2 Strategic partnerships supporting innovation) as one of the best tools for the construction of cohesive Europe. Not only do we think that this project is a good way to prove to our youth that there actually exists an European set of common values and way of living but also that Europe can be a wide market of demand and employment opportunities. Altogether, especially starting with our youth, we can move decisively to overcame the economic crisis and create the conditions for a stronger and more competitive economy, with higher employment, and achieve the aim of Europe 2020 which this program is a part of.

Given the above, we would like to invite your educational institution to be our future partner in this common project.

Deadline: 2 years (2016/2017 - 2017/2018)


Agrupamento de Escolas da Lourinhã

Vale de Geões - Apartado 13


2534-909 Lourinhã





+351 261414907


Publicado por europa en febrero 25, 2016