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Erasmus+. Portugal

Description of the project: The Spin Association and its partner organisations, all based in Lisbon, Portugal, are currently looking for partner organisations from any of the Erasmus+ Program Countries for an Erasmus+ Partnership for Creativity in the field of adult education (special covid-19 call for KA2 Strategic Partnerships).

The overall project duration will be of 2 years (mid 2021 - mid 2023) and the main theme will be adult education through theatre, focusing especially on teaching European common values and on drawing attention to the refugee crisis. The project activities will include a blended senior voluntary service, as well as a creative residence period for actors and/or other theatre staff. The project includes 3 transnational meetings of project staff over the span of 24 months. At the end of the project, a theatre festival will be organised in Portugal, as well as multiplying events in partner countries. 

Partner sought: They are looking especially for the following type of partners:
- NGOs/institutions working directly with / for refugees / asylum seekers / migrants and willing to host a group of 4 senior volunteers in their activities for a period of 1 month,
- cultural/theatre institutions / organisations willing to support the creation of educational tools for adults concerning the common European values and the refugee crisis (education through theatre), as well as able to send a small group of own theatre staff to a creative residency in Lisbon,
- universities/faculties/research centres focused on (adult) education, gerontology, theatre, etc. willing to take part in creating the final educational products of the partnership.

Deadline: 29/10/2020

Contact: international@a-spin.pt

Publicado por europa en octubre 15, 2020