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Erasmus+. Romania

Title: Promote your national sport

Description of the Project:

National sports are increasingly ignored because of the popularization of other sports. Ignoring these national sports leads to an ignorance of the country's culture and traditions. For each country it is important to keep traditions and also promote them at European level.

Goal: The project is based on revival of the national sport in each country and promoting other sports (similar with the national sport) in the other partner countries: Romania - Oină, Germany - Schlagball, Russian Federation - Lapta, Finland - Pesäpallo.
Also the project second goal is that physical education will promote enthusiasm, self motivation, openminded
towards multicultural aspects and values.

O1. To create a local School contest between the local Schools, involving over 100 participants from the local communities that will play the national sport in each country.
O2. Each School to have a team playing the national sport involved in a competition at a National level.
O3. To create a magazine to promote the National Sport and the other sports from each countries.
O4. Understanding the role of sports and physical activity in society (tools for inclusion) and in a wider world:physic and psychic wellbeing, improved endurance, mental relax, better concentration, and development of self-esteem, respect of diversity.

Each partner School will have a target group of 14 young participants aged 15 – 16 years at the start of the project. At least 4 participants will be facing fewer opportunities (economic, social, geographical obstacles or other).

Partner Sought:

Tehnical College of Comunication N.Vasilescu-Karpen is interested in finding partners from Finland, Germany, or Russian Federation due to the topic of the project.

They are interested in finding Public Schools with the students between the ages of 15-16 at the start of the project (October 2020).

Deadline: 30/11/2019

Contact: Andrei Tanaselea

E-mail: aja_tase@yahoo.com

Phone: 0744666828

Publicado por europa en noviembre 5, 2019