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Erasmus+. Russia

Title: EVS Hub (Research - Advisory - Communication)

Description of the Project: The purpose of this project is to give the chance to youth to discover their intellectual and creative potential through volunteer work on the base of the research and advisory for future employment and demonstrate their active citizenship to promote European values for the local youth community.

The objectives are:
• Development and support of awareness among young people the importance of intellectual and creative activity and the establishment of a balanced complement each other a formal, non-formal and distance education
• promoting multi-sectoral research and implementation consulting in the field of social and ethnic psychology, cross-cultural communication, conflict resolution and social psycho-engineering, futurological analysis;
• assistance in realization of the potential for future employment and the formation of robust friendships with young people in the European Union and Russia on the basis of scientific and cultural exchange.

Direction of Activity:
• organizer of intercultural projects
• specialist in the IT field
• researcher
• journalist (blogger)
• organizer of the English speaking club
• work with children
• project development

Activities have many directions, both theoretical and practical: research, analytical, advisory, educational and enlightening. Depending on this, volunteers learn all kinds of materials, carry out various experimental observations and organize the presentation of results. However, all activities are combined under the common principles of volunteerism, acting in accordance with the program Erasmus +, and the basis for promoting European values. The results are fixed in the form of various articles and reports. The number and quality of publications directly affect the status of volunteers, this factor is especially significant when the possibility of further employment.
The program Erasmus + emphasizes that first of all the volunteers should be involved in the local community, to be open and able to express their own thoughts, to be able to make decisions and help each other articulate interests and realize opportunities. Regular meetings every week with the local youth, visiting the student areas of local universities and the center of national cultures give EVS volunteers the opportunity to faster and deeper integration.
EVS Hub allows early introduction to the professional intellectual work, determines the interest of the respective profile of activity, forms the desire to engage in intelligence in the future.

Partner Sought: They are looking for 10 more partners from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries

Deadline: 30/09/2019

Contact: Igor Novitckii

E-mail: falcoevs@gmail.com

Mobile: +7-988-334-17-17

Publicado por europa en febrero 15, 2019