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Erasmus+. Spain.

Title: “Marketable skills through teaching vocational contents in foreign languages”

Description of the project/Partner sought:


1. To stress the need to master foreign languages as a key competence to foster employability in all VET sectors.

2. To highlight the importance of developing intercultural competences as European citizens working in a global market.

3. To help teachers foster critical thinking skills through their teaching practices.

4. To disseminate and exchange innovative methodologies and approaches in the VET teaching and learning context done in a foreign language.

5. To define assessment strategies and use different tools for assessment of the competences to be acquired by VET learners (digital, social, linguistic, contents)

6. To use Web 2.0 Tools and apps not only for the purpose of engaging learners but also, for the opportunities they offer with regards to sharing knowledge and good teaching and learning practices among teachers all over Europe, especially in those regions with fewer resources.

7. To improve teacher training programmes by teaching trainers how to use the many available tools effectively.

8. To enhance mutual trust amongst vocational schools and institutions for further future mobility projects.

Project Results/ Educational outcomes:

1. Open online course on CLIL methodology and creation of materials.

2. Creation of a sustainable European Platform of teachers and vocational schools for the exchange of good practices and materials for CLIL vocational lessons.

3. Creation of a forum which enables vocational teachers to get in contact with other teachers within their subject area with the purpose of sharing and exchanging material.


Government of Catalunya


Publicado por europa en octubre 19, 2016