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Erasmus+. Spain


Description of the Project:

Fundacion Ibercaja, a Spanish NGO, is the leader of this project, related to training of young people and youth workers in topics such as mobility, smart cities, intelligent vehicles, viartual reality...

The importance of citizen participation makes possible the so-called Bigdata, which collect information about what happens in a Smartcity and help the citizen to improve their daily activity. Then, the educational proposal goes through the realization of the following activities that will follow a METHODOLOGY of workshop, integrating theory and practice. It is committed to this teaching-learning modality because it understands that it favours research, learning, discovery and teamwork, above all it is based on collective learning and the experiences of each participant with the aim of developing a product tangible.


DESCRIPTION: Workshop aimed at students of Primary and Secondary Education in which they learn to assemble an electric propulsion vehicle using recycled materials and simple electronic elements. The participants will be aware of the operation of electric motors and all the advantages that the use and incorporation of these propulsion systems entails in our means of transport, so that they are more efficient and friendly to the environment.


DESCRIPTION: Workshop aimed at students from high school where, the participants in the activity will develop an application for mobile capable of collecting and displaying the information generated by the sensors that are distributed in a Smart city.


DESCRIPTION: Workshop directed to students of Primary and High School Education.
Virtual Reality simulations help us in making decisions, based on receiving real-time data in a visual and simple way that improve the performances.

This workshop uses Virtual Reality as a strategy to raise awareness of the proper use of ecological and sustainable means, thus enhancing the evolution of cities to SmartCities.
The possibilities in the educational world are endless but there is still a shortage of content as well as education professionals who have the appropriate training, that is why from Fundación Ibercaja they want to reach the younger generations of the population by collaborating with educational centers in learning of these tools.


Partner Sought: They are looking for 6 more partners from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries.

Deadline: 05/02/2019

Contact: Raquel Sancho

E-mail: europa@fundacionibercaja.es

Phone: (+34) 687 698 616

Publicado por europa en enero 28, 2019