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Erasmus+. Spain

Title: Erasmus Plus K2

Description of the Project: This project is focused on sustainable development and the exchange of good practices, promoting sustainability among young people in the field of work's market.
It will start with an authentic investigation and research about the business realities already existing in the Mediterranean area connected to the field of the sustainability so that they will be a model and a guide for the many young people who are looking for their own personal and professional fulfillment.

Thanks to these activities, a collection of information, data and proposals will be made to tackle youth unemployment through the exchange of good practices among the five participating countries at the local, regional, national and European level, with the following objective: to promote entrepreneurship and sustainability, by developing the employability of young people and the creation of new businesses.
To achieve this key objective, an useful web portal, in English and in the languages of the participating countries will be created, as well as a Best Practice Manual collecting the result of the investigation and information will be implemented, in order to guide new potential young entrepreneurs.
Central will be the Classes implementation activities that will examine in depth topics such as Examples of sustainable methods in the workplace, Approach to the creation of a new company, the European Union and the opportunities for young people, environmental culture, Green Economy- Green Jobs, Information Technology.

By combining the acquired skills with the typical natural resources of the Mediterranean, already favorable to entrepreneurial success in the sustainable industry, the key objective of the project will be pursued effectively, that is the creation of specialized skills and experience in the field of sustainable tourism that will facilitate access to the labor market for unemployed young people and at the same time will spread this sector as an incentive for the development of the Mediterranean area and the self-employment of young people.

Partner Sought: They are looking for 4 more partners from Greece, Italy, Portugal, Croatia. The organizations should have just experience with the field of sustainability.

Deadline: 20/06/2019

Contact: Katia

E-mail: ka2youth@madforeurope.org

Phone: +393408548184

Publicado por europa en junio 5, 2019