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Erasmus+. Spain

Title: Healthy Jeart analysis

Description of the Project:

Adolescence is a stage with important physical, cognitive, emotional and social changes, in which it is necessary to acquire and consolidate healthy habits. There is an important lack of knowledge on the part of this population about how to incorporate these habits in their daily lives and the challenge is to give them the possibility to obtain this knowledge in any easy, fast and attractive way.

This coincides with the increase in the use of mobile devices (mainly smartphones and tablets) and with the scientific evidence that supports the positive public health impact of health apps. There are more and more applications, but few specifically dedicated to adolescence and dealing with the different areas of health: physical, cognitive, social and emotional.

Also, few of them meet these characteristics and have been evaluated, a key aspect to assess the real impact on the population that uses it. In an attempt to respond to this need, a mobile and/or tablet app has been designed through a research project, which has been subsidized with 27,000 euros by the Ministry of Health of the Regional Government of Andalusia. This application to educate in healthy habits aimed at children under 8 to 16 years old is called "Healthy Jeart", is simple, playful, easy to handle, and its contents are created and endorsed by expert scientific personnel.

The first general objective of the present project is to evaluate the impact of the application "Healthy Jeart" from its continued use.

The specific objectives are:

1) To analyze the impact on health-related habits in the sample studied (students between 8 and 16 years old).

2) To analyze the impact on knowledge about healthy habits in the sample studied (students between 8 and 16 years old).

3) Analyze the impact on attitudes about healthy habits in the sample under study (students between 8 and 16 years old).

(4) To analyse the satisfaction and motivation of minors with implementation. For this purpose, the experimental group will be compared with the control group (interstate analysis), as well as the pre-post measurements in each of the groups (intra-subject analysis).

The second general objective is to analyse the use that minors make of the application (through Data Science and Big Data resources), with the ultimate aim of improving it and increasing its impact.

They are looking for patterns of relation between variables, such as if there is a relationship between the users who use the game the most and its improvement in terms of knowledge, between those who play more or less and what kind of questions fail, etc.

Launching the tool with the addition of Big Data will help to improve the app itself in future versions of the same (to use it more and better and/or to add questions and/or tips on topics where they are less able to respond correctly, etc.).

Partner Sought: European partners that access schoolchildren aged 8 to 16

Deadline: early February 2020


Maria de los Angeles Merino Godoy

University of Huelva


Publicado por europa en diciembre 20, 2019