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Erasmus+. Spain

Description of the project: CFA el Clot is an adult school located in Barcelona. They are looking for a European school with a similar profile to theirs for a KA-104 project. More specifically, they are looking for a job shadowing experience to exchange best practice ideas in the field of adult education (people from 18 years old onwards). The project is about promoting ICT-based assessment practices and improving digital skills and competences.

It is their first time in Erasmus+ and their students are between 18 and 75 years old. They teach English and ICT as specific subjects and they provide adult courses for secondary education (including different subjects). They also have a preparation course for people over 25 who want to go to University.

Partner sought: They are looking for an exchange with the following countries: Italy, Greece, and Germany, but they are also open to exchange ideas online with other countries such as Belgium, Cyprus, France, Malta, Netherlands, and Portugal.

Deadline: 30/04/2021

Contact: Teresa Lladó cfaclot@xtec.cat

Publicado por europa en octubre 19, 2020