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Erasmus+. Spain.

Title: “Hospital Nisa-Valencia Al Mar”


Description of the project/Partner sought: The Hospital Nisa-Valencia Al Mar is looking for partners for submitting a proposal to the call KA2 - Strategic Partnerships in Adults.

The project aims to:

1. To provide formal caregivers and families with appropriate educational resources related to brain injury patient care;

2. To provide formal caregivers and families with an educative and interactive learning tool able to training them in all the aspects and methodologies related to brain injury patient care;

3. To give a psychological support tool to formal caregivers and families with the aim to reduce burnout syndrome and improve their life quality.

4. To design a provide a complete and innovative ICT tool able to offer learning and training pathway with psychological support;

5. To validate throughoutEuropean innovative learning and training model supported by the IT tool.

Concretely, the project will try to fuse together the learning and theoretical approach with the psychological requirements in an innovative IT tool that will be able to provide brain injury families and formal caregivers with specific and practical learning environment and training on how to take care their relatives properly and, in the same time, giving them with the necessary psychological support.

Partners requested:

- Clinical Hospitals with brain injury department.



Cristina Nappi


Universidad de Valencia

Publicado por europa en febrero 22, 2017