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Erasmus+. Spain.

Title: “Activate for europe”


Description of the project/Partner sought: For this project we are looking for 2 European partners, young people between the ages of 16 and 30 years. The main theme, sport and healthy living habits.


The objectives of the project are:

- Promote youth participation in all areas of society, through sport and activities in the natural environment.

- Promote youth associations as a specific element of participation by facilitating the appropriate channels, resources and resources.

- Promote active and creative leisure versus consumerism and passive.

- To promote actions that favor the rapprochement of young people to the European reality.

- Save, make known and defend the heritage, the natural, cultural and social development of our land.

- Promote healthy behaviors among young people and respect the environment.

- Foster the understanding and enjoyment of the different cultural and artistic expressions of young people, as well as the generation of cultural habits that contribute to their integral formation.

The profile of the partners will be of several types, and that we should not focus the project in a social or cultural context, mixing different profiles can help without forcing the transmission of positive values ​​among the participants. For this project we are looking for dynamic and active young people who want to find a meeting point for their friends and work on issues of group cohesion, commitment and solidarity. Young people who have a common interest in knowing the European reality and enjoying the different cultural expressions that contribute to their formation.



Maria delos AngelesRodriguez Ramos

E-mail: mollinajoven@gmail.com

General contact

Phone: 620685665

Publicado por europa en abril 25, 2017