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Erasmus+. Spain.

Name: "KA2: Transparency in education"

Description of the project: The Adult Education Center García Alíx of Murcia seeks to create a project that allows the development of resources with the aim of implementing transparency and good governance in the field of education.

Project objectives: They asre looking to put knowledge into practice, focusing on the implementation and provision of qualitative tools for transparency and good governance for the improvement of educational quality throughout Europe. Among the objectives of the project there is the creation of a web page that works as a tool that promotes transparency, as well as the completion of training courses for teachers and other professionals in this field.

Partner sought: public or private institutions interested in working with social networks, secondary education centers, adult education or VET, higher education institutions, universities, NGOs, local or regional authorities, directors and management teams.
Any country participating in the Erasmus+ programme is invited to participate, specially Nordic countries and countries that are candidates to join the European Union.

Deadline: 21/03/2018.


Miss M. José Carrión (Project coordinator): mj_carrionlinan@yahoo.es


Miss Isabel Aráez (Principal): isabelaraez09@gmail.com


 + 34 968 28 25 11


Publicado por europa en noviembre 20, 2017