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Erasmus+. Sweden.

Title: “Social skills - a missing link for employability”

Description of the project: Can social skills be a key factor in getting and keeping a job – we think so!

We, a senior officer and a teacher within the Swedish Prison and Probation Service inLuleain the northern part ofSwedenhave a lot of experience working with juvenile prisoners who haven’t learned these “codes” of everyday life and often these juveniles have a background as migrants.

It is not enough being able to speak the language, to read and write or to have digital skills. Often the social skills are as important to get a job and to keep it.

The prison for juveniles (18 - 24) inLuleahas made many efforts through several years concerning teaching these social skills.

Specifically, we are talking about challenges as dealing with conflicts, have a good attitude, how to smalltalk at the coffee break, how important it is to be in time for work, being able to take criticism, make a phone call and so on. 

It takes big efforts to introduce the inmates to such skills that “ordinary people” are taking for granted in everyday life.

We would like to share our experiences with a greater audience and also we would like to be inspired in this work by others. Not only by other prison authorities but also institutions who are dealing with people being introduced into new societies aroundEurope.

We have to take care of our most vulnerable citizens who need basic guidance and support to get into the job market – let`s do it together.

Partner sought: Prison authorities or other institutions such as cultural institutions or institutions working with introducing migrants into new societies in Europe.



Hvid, Henrik

Swedish Prison and Probation Service



Publicado por europa en octubre 11, 2016