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Erasmus+. Sweden.

Title: “Adventure in Swedish nature”


Description of the project/Partner sought: An intense week living in nature, doing activities that will increase your understanding of both nature and your own human nature.

The group explore nature together in mixed national groups. Different physical activities that demands muscle, heart, focus and reflection. We explore our needs when it comes to food, shelter, warmth and sewage.

Basic scout survival skills as well as understanding food production.

The activities take place on a farm in a forest close to the sea.

The participants must be ready to expose their bare skin to clay and water. There will be activities during the night. There will be fire, swimming, climbing, digging, picking, singing, screaming, running, dancing, drumming, cooking, fighting, sharing, playing, jumping, discussing, relaxing


We are exploring some tribal core values of human existence, looking beneath the surface of cultured civilized man. The experience of nature, weather, sun, moon, wind, trees, plants, water, fire, clay is the shared and unifying factor for the group, thus we will welcome a wide span of ages : 14-30 yrs

We are aiming at 60 participants so we will be able to form new age groups with different levels of challenges with mixed nationals.

6 + 1 youth leader from each national.



Sebastian Naslund

Hästekasen Farm and Adventre Centre

E-mail: info@hastekasen.se

Publicado por europa en mayo 31, 2017