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Erasmus+. Sweeden.

Title : A secure youth

Description of the project:

Youth exchanges and workshops with young adults about different topics like food, holidays, work, sports…To take away differences and create relations and acceptance of diversity.

Project objectives:

To create knowledge and curiosity for our differences and understanding of others on a positive way. By doing this and the experiences from other YE we feel very secure to make a difference for the participants in the project and to rise the self esteem and confidence of one self and the surrounding world, in a small scale.

Partner sought:

Organisations from Erasmus+ countries that have strong commitments to this project success and engagement, towards the participants and their profile in the project. The partner organisations need to have, during and after Project a strong cooperation with the participants.




Cecilia Nilsson

E-mail: cecilia.nilsson@helsingborg.se

0046 +42 10 45 91


Publicado por europa en octubre 24, 2017