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Erasmus+. Turkey.

Erasmus+. Turkey.

Title: "New Generation Solar Cell Technologies"

Description of the Project / Partner sought: We are looking for partners willing to participate in the project conducted by Gediz University on "New Generation Solar Cell Technologies". Within this project we will be working on online course development, activities, awareness and knowledge transfer for 3rd generation solar cells, basing on experience emanate from different parts of Europe. We want to cooperate on this project with universities and research institutions.  The main objective of the project is to develop course material, increase the awareness of new solar cell technologies, and share the experience and the knowledge on different solar cell technologies (Nanotechnological advancements, perovskite solar cells, DSSC, flexible solar cells etc.) for higher education and research institutions.

The specific aims of this proposed project are:

- Develop and implement an innovative joint online Course (curricula, course, learning methodologies, materials and tools) in New Generation Solar Cell Technologies.

- Strengthen the project-based transnational collaboration between solar cell enterprises, young students and researchers.

- Improve and validate transversal entrepreneurial competences of young researchers, university graduates.

- Use innovative training methodologies, materials and tools.                                                      

Deadline: 18/03/2016


Asst. Prof. Yavuz BAYAM

Gediz University - Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Email: yavuz.bayam@gediz.edu.tr


Publicado por europa en marzo 14, 2016