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Erasmus+. Turkey.

Title: “Taste the Life!”

Description of the project/Partner sought: Gasturder which is an organization from a UNESCO labeled Gastronomy City, Gaziantep. Exactly seeking for a partners for mutual experience sharings on gastronomy and culture.

As a Creative City of Gastronomy,Gaziantepenvisages:

-         nurturing intercultural dialogue through the Kitchens in Districts project aimed at establishing fully equipped kitchens for people with low economic resources to both cook and share their know-how with other denizens;

-         enhancing social inclusion through the Atelier Without Obstacles project by offering vulnerable groups and disabled people training courses on the creation and management of creative enterprises;

-         encouraging multi-levels cooperation by conducting research and collecting data with other Creative Cities of Gastronomy, notably on the history of the ancient Silk Road’s food culture; and

-         organizing an International Festival of Gastronomy to share experiences and know-how with other Creative Cities of Gastronomy.

Deadline: 15/01/2017





Publicado por europa en noviembre 2, 2016