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Erasmus+. Turkey

Title: AGRIACADEMY - A Distance Education Module to Increase the Level of Agricultural Knowledge of Young People and Their Willingness to Work in the Agricultural Sector

Description of the Project: The leader of this project is planning to develop a free Learning Management System (LMS) on AGRICULTURE to educate both young people and the farmers.

For the future of agricultural sector, a workforce that is able to adopt technological developments quickly and to use cutting-edge digital production systems needs to be created. In other words, young people should be educated for this purpose. However, young people are neither interested in agriculture nor working in agricultural sector. The lack of such a young workforce and the academic research, carried out by Mustafa Özsarı in Konya Food and Agriculture University (KFAU) in 2018 with 306 students of 40 different universities in Turkey, is the starting point of this project. This research showed that young people are not motivated sufficiently to work in the agricultural sector. However, the rate of willingness to work in agricultural sector is 80.56% among the students whose father or mother works in the agricultural sector. Moreover, the rate of willingness to work in agricultural sector is 62.9% among the students who started the primary education in a village.

In addition to those statistics, willingness to work in agricultural sector is higher among those who participated in any agricultural events or in any stage of agricultural production process.
Depending on this fact, Konya Food and Agriculture University is planning to develop a free (and dual language – English & Turkish) Learning Management System to educate both young people who are willing to train themselves in agricultural sector and the farmers who did not have any chance for schooling in their youth. As a result, they expect that average age of an agricultural worker will be lowered, average education level of an agricultural worker will increase and the number of new initiatives in agricultural sector will expand. As a result of these, the agricultural productivity will increase in the long term.

Second phase will be about preparing the online education modules, their contents and the learning management system (LMS) that will be used to train participants. In this phase, each partner will be responsible for different tasks. Anadolu University has a very long experience about online learning modules and learning management systems since they have the oldest Distance Education Faculty in Turkey. That’s why, Anadolu University will be responsible for developing the system of this project and the modules in the learning management system. The content of these modules will be prepared by Konya Food and Agriculture University and the two other European partners of this project. The number of the topics of the modules, however, will be determined by all the partners.


After the completion of system and the modules, each partner is responsible to find at least 5 test users to use the system. These test users will be registered to the system and they will complete all the modules and they will report the system deficiencies and the difficulties they face. After their feedback and recommendations, LMS and the modules will be updated accordingly. The language of the system and the online education modules will be English. But all the content and the website will be translated to Turkish by Konya Food and Agriculture University.


Third phase will be about educating young people through the LMS. In this phase, every partner organization is responsible for finding at least 100 participants for the online modules. These participants should be between the ages of 15 and 30. At least half of these participants should be selected from young people who are facing or dealing with difficulties in social, educational, financial, geographical and health contexts.


Partner Sought: They are looking for 3 more partners from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries

Deadline: 20/03/2019

Contact: Mustafa Özsarı

E-mail: mustafa.ozsari@gidatarim.edu.tr

Phone: +90 507 186 2629

Publicado por europa en febrero 25, 2019