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Erasmus+. Turkey

Title: Social integration of disadvantaged young people with art tools

Description of the Project:

It aims to express young people's ideas, experiences and emotions in music, literature, dance, visual arts and foreign languages creatively at ages 18-30

They would like to implement a youth exchange between music, literature, dance, visual arts, food and foreign languages from different countries.

The venue is TURKEY, Osmaniye - https://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osmaniye

It is beautiful by the reason of nature/ geographical location; great by the reason of history – Assyrian, Hittite, Adanava, Greek, Roman of the city.
The date: July-August of 2020
One partner sends 4 participants+ 1 Group Leader
Age: they would like to meet people 18-30 years old. One person is group leader - without age limit.

During the youth exchange they plan:
-to express ideas, experiences and feelings creatively in music, literature, dance, visual arts, foreign languages.
-gain competence in basic knowledge, skills and attitudes.
-understand the elements of national and European cultural heritage.
-understand the cultural heritage in different cultures.
-to live the basic cultural things that include popular contemporary culture which is an important part of human history.
-to be aware of the cultural and linguistic diversity of Europe (and European countries).
-to gain awareness for the survival of distinctive cultural diversity.
-to recognize the artistic details of the culture and daily life.
-to express oneself correctly by understanding others correctly,
-to expose the innate capacities of individuals with various artistic means.
-be able to relate creative and impressive views to others' ideas.
-to know economic opportunities with cultural events and to gain the ability to pass on mischief.
-to gain respect and positive attitude towards different cultures by gaining a sense of a strong sense of identity.
-to develop creative aspects by articulating self-expression
-to develop cultural elements by working in series.


Partner Sought: They are looking for 6 more partners from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries

To join the project please fill in the form.


Deadline: 01/02/2020

Contact: İlker Özer

E-mail: socialimpactinfo@gmail.com

Phone: +905052691428

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