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Erasmus+. Turkey

Title: Healthy Lifestyle

Description of the Project: A youth NGO in Turkey is looking for experienced coordinator to their ready project about healthy lifestyle (A high school or NGO).

Project venue: Afyon,Turkey

Number of participants:

20 participants + 2 group leaders from Turkey and 20 participants + 2 group leaders from partner country (in total 44 participants)

Project date and duration : 5-11 October (7 days) 4 October and 12 October are travel days

Project topic: Supporting healthy lifestyle

Age group (14-18)

Project activities:

-to prepare “public spot” about healthy lifestyle

-to prepare Project blog about healthy lifestyle and to write daily project reports on this blog.

-to arrange sports and match events and contests such as volleyball, football, basketball

-to implement a survey and interview with people around

-to make presentations about unhealthy nutrition and causes of this in their country

-to workshop for the solutions of unhealthy and unconscious nutrition

-to carry out some indoor – outdoor and icebreaking activities

-to prepare a presentations about the country and culture

-to organise a cultural night to present their cultural values such as local music, food and dance

-to do “Painting T-shirt activities for alternatives to fast food

-to create bird’s eye view “Erasmus Plus” logo by using their bodies

-prepare banners and slogans about the project and with these arrange a walk around the city to attract attention to the project

-to create food book in the name of “RECEPIES FOR HEALTY LIFE” which includes regional breakfast-lunch-dinner of each country.

-to play icebreakers and do daily sports under the leadership of different partner country every day

-to arrange “TREASURE HUNT” activity to explore the city.

-to arrange surprise trips out of Afyonkarahisar.

-to prepare YOUTPASS certificates

-to play different kind of team building and ice breaking activities

Partner Sought: They are looking for a experienced coordinator (A high school or NGO) from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries.

Deadline: 31/03/2020

Contact: Hasibe Şevik

E-mail: aaged03@gmail.com

Phone: +902722144191

Publicado por europa en marzo 13, 2020