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Erasmus+. Turkey.

Title: “Cultures hand in hand”


Description of the project/Partner sought: Handcrafts are the vehicles that make cultural values transmit from one generation to another in the modern world. Today’s youngsters spend most of their spare time on computers and on virtual communication. No matter how much technology eases our lives, we believe that its overdose occupying our lives causes psychological and sociological problems. That’s why, through our project we aim to create social fields for young people to gain historic and cultural consciousness and have fun while spending free time. Also, handcrafts may enable them sell their products and help them cover a bit of their education expenses. Additionally, this may contribute to tourism as well. Finally, we will try to spread social messages among youngsters via the project activities and make them more active in social issues, which to us, will make them more confident.

The objectives of our project for direct and indirect participants;

- Before the activities start, participants will be asked to search about partner countries’ cultures and traditions; this will help also adaptation.

-The participants will be required to speak the common language (English) actively and teach some basic dialogues of their mother tongue to each other, which will contribute to multilingualism.

-Leaders will hold orientation sessions to prepare the participants for the project activities and for introducing traditions of partner countries.

-Our region contains different ethnic groups and thanks to this project young people will develop tolerance to different cultures.

-The beneficiaries will learn the necessary procedure for carrying out a project and will reach the level to lead their own projects later on.

- At the end of the project an application will be made to the Municipality demanding their support to employ youngsters and invest in artistic works.

-Our project takes aim at confidence, personal development, communicating via a foreign language, social skills for different customs and handwork talents.

Before and during the exchange participants will be equipped with the required trainings to improve handcrafts knowledge and skills and with the techniques for displaying and selling their works.

Partners will share their experiences and disseminate the activities when they return their countries. They will attract attention to the project activities by means of web and social media and so will reach the third parties. Youngsters will be addressed while planning the artistic activities and in order to reach a wide range of audience there will be advertising and presentations.


Within this project various countries, languages, religions and cultures will meet and work in harmony and tolerance without gender discrimination, and this will be an international model




E-mail: erselaydin@hotmail.com

Phone: +905326934854

Website: http://www.kargenc.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kargenckulubu/

Twitter: kargencclub

Publicado por europa en abril 5, 2017