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Title: Trauma Healing through Understanding and Managing Fear and Forgiveness

Description of the Project:

A 5-day residential Trauma Healing workshop, aimed at those working with disadvantaged and traumatised youth, refugees or CEV.

These workshops were originally developed, in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, in order to help those whose lives had been frozen as a result of trauma, violence, fear or anxiety, to build the knowledge, skills and the attitudes required to:
• Understand and managing fear (in all its forms) and take charge of one’s response
• Let go of the past and forgive
• Understand gender

The intervention is distinctly different to other evidence based methods in use today: those who value their privacy, prefer not to participate in group therapy or seek one-on-one counselling, benefit significantly.

It was first proven on a large scale in 2009-2011, when Feminenza, funded by UN WOMEN and SIDA, trained and mentored 25 women leaders across Kenya’s Rift Valley to rehabilitate individuals and communities crippled by the 2008 post-election violence). Structured surveys, involving over 2000 respondents, from a wide tribal sample, spanning 6 languages, statistically demonstrated that that this intervention heals all ages, both genders and brings sustained value to people of all religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Similar successes have been documented in Africa, across Europe and North America. The process measurably counters extremism, builds community resilience to radicalisation of youth, improves community integration especially where there is a history of religious, ethnic and gender based violence.

Follow up programmes, funded by USAID and the US DREAMS initiative revealed, on the basis of surveys using Depression Anxiety Stress Scales (DASS), that it significantly improves the rehabilitation of perpetrators (of gang violence), improves the rehabilitation rate of trauma victims and those boxed in by poverty, AIDs and severe gender based violence. Stories of lives set free from guilt, shame, intolerance - renewing, regenerating – are common.

In order to enable the public, and particularly those at risk to benefit more widely, Feminenza has decided to engage the Erasmus network, to enable youth to both benefit and play a pivotal role in making these benefits available to those at risk. Two levels of potential involvement are intended:

LEVEL 1: This provides the participants with direct access to the intervention.
Specially trained, Feminenza accredited, facilitators will assist participants over five
days to:
(i) build a strong base of reference and knowledge about anxiety, fear, trauma,
revenge, gender and the seven pillars of forgiveness;
(ii) develop inner skills of cognizance and perception to take charge of their lives;
(iii) develop, maintain and establish the pivotal shifts in attitude needed to improve self management, anxiety, fear and depression associated with trauma.

Participants of the Level 1 experience are required to this apply learning into their
own lives. They are not allowed to attempt to deliver this experience, or to attempt to
transfer the knowledge, skills and attitudes to others – unless they have become
fully accredited practitioners.

LEVEL 2: Significantly more commitment is needed: 20 days of mandatory face to
face education must be completed; the participant must design and execute a
community project into which the learning is applied – with all project activities being
accountable to, and monitored by, a Feminenza mentor; and submit to both
formative and summative assessments in which trainee’s knowledge, skills and
attitudes required are independently studied and the project’s impact independently
measured. A fully accredited and certified Practitioner may then go on to provide this
intervention as a public service service to his/her chosen at-risk community groups.

The 5 day Level 1 experience is, funding permitting, scheduled to occur in Europe in Autumn 2019.

Partner Sought: They are looking for 7 more partners from Australia, New Zealand, Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries.

If your organisation’s Youth Workers are currently supporting communities, families or individuals with any of the following ongoing challenges, this experience will be of benefit youth workers in programmes where one or more of the following risk factors are present:
• Young people with a past or ongoing history of distress, chronic anxiety or trauma
• Gender based violence
• Radicalisation
• Alcohol or substance abuse
• Learning difficulties
• Homelessness
• Sex workers or sex trafficking
• Forced marriage
• Post traumatic stress disorder

Nominated participants for the Level 1 experience do not need a vocational qualification. However we will require assurance that the nominees are committed to this kind of work. Knowledge skills and attitudes are transferred. We expect participants to embrace the principle that real change, real peace, real management of fear, starts from within.

Attendees may, if they wish, apply to be considered for the Level 2 course.

Deadline: 31/03/2019

Contact: Desmond O'Sullivan

E-mail: desmond.osullivan@feminenza.org

Phone: +353833355594

Website: http://www.feminenza.org

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